Posted by: Vicky V | September 22, 2009

Tavi Gevinson inspires opinion

The Fashion World has fallen head over Lanvin Wood Wedge heels for 13 year blogger Tavi Gevinson.

I told Suze about how Tavi had appeared on the cover of Pop and now sits in the front row at all the catwalk shows with the world’s biggest fashion editors, when she should be hanging out with her school Maths buddies and jabbing them in the arm with a compass.

Suze rolled her eyes and said she’d known about Tavi Gevinson “for effing months now Vicky”, that I should try and pick up a newspaper once in a while, that I was in the minority at school for attacking people with my compass and that frankly I should be applauding the fashion industry for being so honest about heeding the opinions of a schoolgirl.

Suze didn’t draw a single breath before going on to say that where she works people frequently have the opinions of a five year old and she’s expected to listen to them because they wear a suit and carry a Freedom Pass.
Think about it Vicky, she said, with scary gin sizzled eyes, fashion is an interesting place to be because people are trying to compete creatively and when that happens THERE ARE NO RULES.

Then she drained her massive gin glass and said “You know what I think? You pretend to hate your job, when actually you are fascinated by it. You’re about to be sucked into the big glitzy wardrobe in the sky my friend”.



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