Posted by: Vicky V | August 19, 2009

It’s no sacrifice

2 days until D-Day Away-Day and all I’ve eaten for the last week is food shaped like a circle (pizza, mini baby bel) and a rectangle (over-salted crap in a box).

Lack of fundamental nutrients and D-day stress might have accounted for my fraught trip with Ian to choose Suze’s engagement ring.

It was all quite pleasant until he picked out something that looked like a crown of thorns. I laughed and said that marriage was sacrifice enough without having something jabbing into your finger reminding you of that fact everyday. Then I laughed hard and said have you got my old friend Suze mixed up with Jesus by any chance?

I looked hard for the smile on Ian’s face but it had gone a trip to a land where everyone is miserable and eats coal.
I straightened myself up and tried another tack. Look Ian, Suze is a Gap jeans and t-shirt functional girl. She doesn’t care about fussy ornamentation. She had her ears pieced when she was eight and has never worn earnings. If you want my advice, get her something simple yet attractive.

He sounded like he’d eaten a lemon when he said he felt his choice was the bitter-sweet-multi-dimensional symbol of the reality of any marriage. Ever-lasting and sometimes painful.

I snapped and said why don’t you just get her a nice ring and beat her with a paddle every day if that’s how you see it?

He replied that it wasn’t up to me anyway. He said it wasn’t about how long I’d known Suze, it was about who they were together.

I shut up then. And as I pootled off to my empty flat it occurred to me that was one argument I was never going to win.



  1. […] the ring in a plate of calamari and waiting until she found it. Small mercy he didn’t go for the crown of thorns design he favoured, or else Suze may have scoffed it down and not lived to see another day. As it happened, Suze found […]

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