Posted by: Vicky V | July 24, 2009

China Town

As I fitted myself under the armpit of a commuter on the way to work this morning, I got to thinking about moving to China. Their culture is one of balance, of yin and yang and miso soup. Not for them the competitive hell of western society and feeling like some awful, lonely, big arsed character from a Richard Curtis film.

For example, did you know that the Chinese character for “crisis” also means “opportunity”? If I reinterpreted my morning according to this theory life would look v. different:

Leaving £100 hard earned cash in the machine while I was thinking about my chow mein lunch = Doing society good by either making someone feel richer / happier or giving a tramp the opportunity to take his friends out on the town

Tights laddered by handbag zip = chance to flash leg to Zack and buy new, bolder colour of tight e.g plum or graphite

Total lack of motivation and interest in fashion = chance to think about moving to China

Looking on Marcus’ Facebook page, seeing pictures of his slutty girlfriend and throwing up as a result = flat stomach

Projected possible crises in the future:

Swine flu = time at home looking at the wall and my naked cupboards

Ruin the work away day = opportunity to lose job, have no money and no purpose

Annoying phone calls from Mum = There is no opportunity I can think of here

On balance, I can see that a British approach is better for managing these longer term crises so tonight I’ll get drunk and shout at the television.



  1. […] All balanced on a glass tray with Audrey Hepburn’s face on it. At this morning’s meet, Zack rested his arm on my shoulder and told me he was looking forward to the away day. His animal magnetism gave me the shakes. The tea cup I was carrying started to rattle and I turned from a nubile woman into a pensioner in the last throes of life. This was opportunity = crisis. […]

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