Posted by: Vicky V | July 21, 2009

Away with the fairies

Cream Horn has asked me to arrange a company away day. She said I could do what a wanted but it had to be a) quick, i.e. before everyone starts using swine flu as an excuse to be off work b) involve ways of coming up with new business ideas to keep us ahead in this tough economic climate which if we don’t overcome quickly means there won’t be an office for a) to even be an issue and c) have the general hallmarks of a “super bloody wingding” i.e. blow the budget on grey goose vodka and mini Yorkshires puddings (both of which are expensive and lower the immune system therefore negating a) and b). Fashion is so effing CONFUSING.)

Ideas so far:

Michael Jackson Party – Get people to dress up in MJ fashions (bulk buy sequins, bleach etc) and assign them each a well known Jackson hit to interpret in the form of song and dance. E.g “Beat It” could involve me whacking Karen with a stick. In any event, it breaks down the masks we all wear in the professional sphere and encourages us to see each other as expressive human beings. Might also encourage the raising of new ideas from the dead.
Musical / play – Hire a church hall and stage a musical with staff assigning themselves roles they wouldn’t otherwise assume. For example, “West Side Story” might encourage certain staff members to come out of the closet. Other suggested texts: “War & Peace” or “The Bible” (Karen would play Judas and I, Jesus).

Live like a model for a day – Eat nothing, walk around in skinny jeans and drink stuff from big cups while having someone flash lights in your face. Encourages empathy and therefore ideas. And I get to see Zack with his top off as I choreograph a sequence in a garage where he takes off his overalls and reveals an oil slicked torso.

Line up rows of sugar in the toilets of Shoreditch House / Groucho and take pictures of Karen snorting them up her nose. Then put it on You Tube. Oh no, that doesn’t really count as a group idea.

Better idea – Call Suze’s boyfriend who works in PR. He can give me a venue and I’ll work it out from there.



  1. […] the office I furiously dialled Suze . I needed Ian’s help, and quick. It was time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and to stop wasting time surfing the net […]

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